I’m sure I’m not alone with some people in thinking that electric vehicles were never really going to catch on and they would be just another fad that would pass like ships in the night.

Well, judging by recent news the electric market is thriving. This was highlighted by Tesla's most recent announcement. Tesla, a relative new born in the automotive world has taken over Ford a mere giant, in their market share across the industry.

This is a key indicator of how the automotive market is now shifting, with Tesla at the forefront of this change backed by the maverick that is Elon Musk at the helm. Off the back of this, other manufacturers are now following in their footsteps. In addition to this, recent changes to emission zones which will eventually be ran out across the UK, are slowly turning people’s hands towards to the electric market.

As a result of this momentous shift, how long will it be until we see fleets of all electric vehicles?