Resignation from your job can be an emotional melting pot.

Whether your boss is expecting your resignation, it comes as a surprise or they secretly want you to resign, their reaction is simply the start of the psychological roller-coaster some of us experience in our notice period.

It's not unreasonable to say some of us have worked with colleagues that have mentally "switched off" during their notice period, thinking that KPIs no longer apply or that they're not striving for the pay rise or glowing performance review anymore.

But have you ever felt the opposite, a sudden surge in motivation or pride to leave your desk ship shape for the next incumbent?

Ever experienced the boss or even close colleagues that give you the cold shoulder once they know you're moving to pastures new?

Ever felt the sharp tongues of slightly jealous co-workers?

This article sums up some of the most familiar feels we experience once we've done the deed.

It's all natural, but no matter how others react, hold your head high until you get to your new job.

Remember why you started looking for a new job in the first place!