I'm sat at my desk in the office this morning still coming to terms with what happened yesterday. My forehead is painful, my nose doesn't feel right and the person who inflicted this damage is sat opposite me...yes, my boss.

This sounds horrific and rather than writing this I probably should be sat with our HR team working out a resolution to the situation. However, it is actually very different as my boss and I are taking part in an Ultra White Collar Boxing event on the 26th August in support of Cancer Research UK and I am sat in pain as a result of our sparring session at the boxing gym last night! We probably won't be fighting each other on the night as there is a significant weight difference (with the greatest of respect boss!) but either way hopefully we will put on a great show and raise huge amounts of money for a great cause.

We will be fighting on one of the ‘biggest’ and most unusual nights that Boxing has ever seen, as Mayweather and McGregor go toe to toe in Vegas, hopefully my boss and I will be watching the fight whilst celebrating our wins in glamorous style in Hemel Hempstead.

Watch this space for further information on our fights and how you can sponsor/support us.