Hubspot have just released their official list of the most hated buzzwords and jargon used in selling emails.

In a world where "selling" takes place as much over email, social media or account based marketing as it ever did over the phone (back in the "good old" days for an xennial like me!), the need to craft your written words is more essential than ever.

We need to train our sellers to be more creative with their language, to become much more original wordsmiths than "jump on the bandwagon" trend followers in order for our propositions to stand out in a crowded market.

In fact it tends to be that less is far, far much more when it comes to writing these days. 

"Your prospects don’t have the desire to translate a buzzword-laden explanation or email into plain English. Not only do clichés and jargon harm your credibility, they also sap your prospects’ patience and make your message less effective. Unless you’re using industry-specific jargon (correctly), try to eliminate the words and phrases that kill your sales emails."

Here's the list that Hubspot have come up with, any of these part of your patter?