As some of you are aware I am boxing on Saturday 26th August to raise money for cancer research. This will be my first fight and one that hopefully will encourage me to take up the sport again, after a seven years absence. Here’s an insight into what it’s been like training for and building up to a boxing match whilst trying to carry on with the day job in recruitment.

Boxing is a physically demanding sport that requires you to be at pinnacle fitness that means you must train in many ways in the build up to a fight. In theory, it sounds relatively straight forward, but whilst juggling the training around work and family life, it can be a little challenging to put it politely. Not forgetting mid training, I am best man at a friend’s wedding which of course involved a three-day stag do in Ibiza!

Working on punching alone is not enough, I must do the roadwork (running), work on my core and leg strength (this is where punch power comes from), work on my footwork, and build my power and muscular endurance to enable me to work at a high intensity throughout each round. During this time, I have started to build up my aerobic fitness with running and time in the boxing gym on the pads, bags and sparring.

After around two weeks of this type of training I start to introduce high intensity training such as burpees, squats and rounds of constant punching of up to six minutes on the bags. Introducing high intensity exercises mean that I am including both aerobic and anaerobic workouts to mimic the demands of the fight. During this time, I am still working on my technique with my trainer and sparring in the gym. (which is very rusty after seven years)

As I enter my last few weeks of training this is where I really push my body with runs over various distances and boxing sessions two to three times a week. The norm for me over the past six weeks has been leaving for work at 7am and returning home at 9.30/10pm three days a week which I can safely say I will not miss. It’s all for a good cause that touches almost everybody at some point in their life so it has been worth it.

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