I'm working in an office of conflict.

Well it feels like that for now for sure, but not in a bad way...

Two of our Automotive market team members are training hard for a charity white-collar boxing match & the marketing team here are trying to help spread the word for their respective good causes. 

In doing this, I’m not only humbled by the bravery it must take to stand in the ring against an unknown opponent who’s mission is to hurt you, but impressed by the character building effects it must have on people taking part in the one-on-one combat sports.

We’ve also got a Black belt 3rd Dan Karate master here too.  I have to say there’s some very similar qualities on show too.

Resiliance is certainly one of them, not giving up even when it hurts a lot (come on Mark!), to get back up when you’ve been knocked down & come back stronger. 

Confidence building is perhaps the most overriding personal strength I’ve seen, helping to solidify that idea that “you can do this” the good old fashioned fighting spirit. To make the call you’ve been a bit self doubting about before, to put across an opinion or argument that you might have been a bit nervous about making in the past.

Learning from mistakes quickly, because you doing the same things again will seriously hurt you.

Timing is everything, to nit rise to little jabs here and there but to raise your game and insert the killer instinct at the perfect opportunity when it matters, & make it count.

Consistency of performance, that sometimes it’s about winning the war, not the battles.  At the end of the match, it’s the points that count, you can’t always count on the knock out wins, keep doing the right things & you’ll win, even if you have to go the full 12 rounds.

Crucially for PIE as an employer, the personal skills that participation such as this develops can only be an enhancement to personal skills & ultimately sales performance.

We want to embrace this, in fact I wonder how many other consultants we can encourage to get in the ring? Or the Dojo?

Time off to engage in character building sports? You got it, perhaps this should be something that more employers actively encourage as part of an employer branding strategy, rather than just talk about.

In the meantime, we’re here to support Mark Walker & Chris Brewer  If you’d like to donate to their incredibly worthy causes we’d be very grateful….