So I read today that happy people generally have much better success at job interviews.

With over 16 years experience in recruiting in sales & marketing, this doesn't come as news to me, but it does pose the thought "why wait until you are really unhappy in your job before you look for a new one?"

I've interviewed 1000s of candidates during my career, for both clients and for consultants to work for us. Without casting too many dispersions, it's generally the individuals who are really unhappy in their jobs which make for more probing interviews.  


To really get to the bottom of what is making someone unhappy and to ensure that any conflict issues aren't going to come across as negatives in the interview process that we work with them on...thus further strengthening the thought that happy people perform better in interviews.

My point?  Try this approach.  You're happy in your job?  But how long for?

Can you stop yourself from being unhappy in your job by looking for a new one at your peak performance point...when you are happy?  To maintain your curve of job satisfaction?

Current job satisfaction aside, casually or seriously, it's a great time of year to take a peek at what's on offer.

Why not take a look?

If you work in FMCG or Automotive Sales or Marketing, we are sure to be able to help is a great place to start