Let’s just get one thing straight. I wasn’t attracted to this article because it’s about politics. I DO NOT GET POLITICS. Never have. Never will. There, I’ve said it - now let’s move on.

The reason this article caught my eye, was that this cheeky MP was caught catching 40 winks halfway through one of his colleague’s speeches on Brexit…can you blame him?

The MP blames his early morning swim for his quick catnap in the House of Commons. The morning juggling of exercise routines, doing school runs or even a horrendous commute to work - all of this before you’ve even tackled your 9-5 day - can seriously take it out of you!

We’ve all been there! I recall falling asleep through an IT training session a few years back. It’s never a good thing when you’re abruptly woken up by your own snoring with dribble running down your face…the disapproving look of the trainer was the icing on the cake. Oops!

So have you ever been caught out having a cheeky nap at work? Comment below with your horror stories…sharing is caring after all.