So at the end of February, a ban came in to place for ALL junk food ads across London's entire public transport network to be removed in the hope that it starts swaying people towards making healthier choices in their lifestyle & to tackle child obesity.

"The mayor is confident these changes will not only reduce children's exposure to junk food advertising, but also empower Londoners to make healthier food choices for themselves and their families."

"Hurrah" I thought when I first read the news. There's been plenty of occasions where a cheeky little bus stop ad has tricked my taste buds in to wanting something more "Finger Lickin' Good" for lunch.

But how far is too far with the ban? 

Of course I'm completely for promoting a healthier lifestyle for the youth of today when it comes to removing ads containing foods high in salt, fat & sugar, that's great. But getting an advert to crop out bacon, butter & eggs from a table because they're bad for you...that's just silly right? Surely then we're not promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle for children?

Just because a certain Burger Chain decided to chuck a bit of bacon into one of their signature burgers doesn't make it any unhealthier than it was before, does it? We all need a certain amount of salt, sugar and fat in our diet to retain a healthy lifestyle.

Has the whole what's good & what's not very good for you been poorly thought through on this occasion? I know what I believe.