And what a great 2 weeks it’s been!! Only 12 days in, I’m absolutely loving it and can’t wait to learn more!

I completed my first solo telephone registration last week and making sure I covered everything was tough…but that’s something that will come with practice right?

Before I started, I must admit I was apprehensive, with the first day filled with completing HR paperwork and mastering new technology, it felt like I was signing my life away. Now I’ve been promoted to making the tea for everyone (which is always daunting when you first start a job; remembering who has what, tea or coffee, how many sugars they have, the list goes on). And who knows, maybe next week I’ll be in charge of biscuits as well?

However, putting sarcasm aside, I’m working with a great bunch of experienced, intelligent and pretty mental people, I’m sure I’m in safe hands, learning from the pros.

Ramping up the pace on week #3, I’m nervous and excited at getting down to business, learning my new trade inside out and really pushing myself. I’ve got a lot to learn about the FMCG sector but it’s fascinating and I know that speaking to the people who know it best – the candidates working in that sector – will get me up to speed in no time.