Long gone are the days of the Milk Man. In today’s society, it’s deemed more convenient to buy our daily dose of milk from our local supermarkets. But, we seem to be forgetting the effects that this is having on our planet.

Staggeringly, in 1975, 94% of the UK's milk was transported in glass bottles compared to just under 3% in 2016. What a difference.

We’ve got to take our hats off to David Attenborough, the production of Blue Planet II really highlighted the effects of plastic waste & what it’s doing to our planet. Since being aired back in January this year, Milk & More (who control around half of the milk delivery market in the UK) has gained over 40,000 new customers and 90% of those are ordering their milk in glass bottles.

But that’s not all Milk & More are doing to help save the planet, as they’ve recently invested in 200, 100% electric milk floats for their deliveries across the UK which has seen 90% reduction in operational fuel costs versus the outgoing diesel vehicles.

So, I don’t know about you but I’ll certainly be telling every man and his dog to give their local Milk Man a call!