Now if you’re like me and you’re a massive foodie, you’ll understand how tough it is for me working DIRECTLY opposite a Tesco Superstore and on a high street which is chock a block with café’s selling delicious local produce…you get the idea, right?

All the popular yummy brands and new launches you see all the time might not help my bank balance, but it was brilliant to see first-hand lots of these businesses at the Lunch! Event last week.

The PIE FMCG team went along on the opening day and we all came out feeling like we could’ve been there for many more hours - but there was just no time as before we knew it, stands were starting to pack things up!

Brands like KIND, Hippeas, Bio-tiful Dairy, Remedy Kombucha and Karma Cola, the list goes on.

For some this was Day #1, a chance to launch their product into the market with a captive audience. And one that certainly stood out to me was Wholesums. Simply just popped vegetable crisps coming in at a total of 88 calories a pack – no brainer.

They only launched on Thursday but be sure to keep an eye on their website for stockists that are fast approaching - very VERY exciting times ahead for these guys -

On another note, I certainly found it a bit tricky when asked why I was attending. Am I looking for new products for my café? Am I a Tesco Buyer? Nope, I’m that dreaded recruiter that no one wants to speak to.

(I wasn’t there to pester, just purely for the freebies!)

If any of you attended the Lunch! Expo last week, which new brands tickled your fancy?