You see it all over the news on a regular basis - food waste.

It's been noted that one-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, which to me is pretty scary.

And it’s the supermarkets that are in the direct eye of the press to prove they’re doing everything in their power to decrease their level of food waste and implement the right strategies. To put this into context Tesco was slated last week for seeing its food waste levels increase by 6,000 tonnes from 2017/2018.

Here at PIE, we're working with some very cool, sustainable businesses, who use that leftover food waste and turn it into yummy new products. However most of the time, food waste isn’t actual ‘leftovers’ it tends to be the not so aesthetically pleasing pieces of fruit and veg that the retailers & consumers deem not ‘perfect’ enough to be sold.

So I’m all for the wonky fruit. Less money for good quality, EDIBLE food.