Lynk & Co (sister company to Volvo) has announced unparalleled numbers for this new brand in its first year - stats show that it's now the fastest selling car in history, with an outstanding 120,414 vehicles sold in its first year. 

In the current climate across the globe, it's rare that you'll see a manufacturer creating this amount of success in a very short space of time. A number of key factors seems to have attributed to this; Lynk & Co has thrown the traditional car buying model out the window, making it easier for consumers to stay engaged in the car buying process.

Further to this, base models have been scraped, along with the never-ending lists of options. Another key factor to this brands success is that it's made the traditional showroom experience redundant - focussing more on retail stores that offer visitors open surroundings that include a café-bar, cinema and children’s play area

This model is slowly being adapted into the UK market and if manufacturers are not willing to work with the consumers then quite frankly, they'll just go elsewhere. 

Only time will tell how many manufacturers take up the Lynk & Co and Tesla method of car buying.