If you are anything like me, you constantly live a life of "should I have that biscuit or should I not?" I am obsessed with trying to diet and loose a few pounds. The world around us is constantly changing and being fit, healthy and sugar free is the goal everyone is trying to reach. I’ve tried every diet-plan known to mankind and bought every slimming, sugar free, gluten free and fat free product I think Holland and Barratt stocks, but I never managed to stick to it. Why? Because let’s face it, they are all quite frankly tasteless and leave me craving those sweet treats even more.

So now you can understand my excitement when I finally came across SUGAR FREE MARYLAND COOKIES! Maryland cookies are a favourite of mine and one of the first things to get cut out whilst dieting. They almost feel too naughty to have as a snack with a cuppa or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up (which I always need). Bringing my childhood favourite and sugar -free together sounds like a recipe for success!

Maryland suggest a serving of 2 biscuits which in total contains a measly 94 calories, 4.8g of fat and only 0.1g of sugar (to give the cookies a sweet taste, a sweetener called Maltitol, which is produced using the natural sugar maltose, is used). Whilst I am a strong fan of these delicious nibbles, there are plenty of others who disagree. Some people are against all sugar-free and would much rather go with out it. What's the point in a sugar substitute? Why kill a perfectly good treat? I for one would definitely rather have the sugar-free cookie then no cookie at all!

Have Burton's killed a timeless cookie classic making it sugar-free? What are your thoughts?