...Drive! Who do you think I am? Dirty-minded people! 

Tesla are to introduce Netflix and YouTube to their entertainment systems, allowing their drivers and passengers to view and stream video content on-demand.  However, this will only be accessible while stationary for the time being (until fully automated driving is legal that is). 

It looks as though we are moving towards cars being more like a Business Class seat on an airliner; fighting for superiority in screen size, the range of content available, and seating! Is this a space in the market to target? I think so. A number of manufacturers along with Uber and Google are working on autonomous vehicles and it would seem Tesla are making the headlines with this announcement.

Waiting in traffic or picking up your sons or daughters from friends' houses or clubs isn't going to be quite the chore it once was. A larger screen that doesn't drain your phone battery sounds amazing! 

When does this launch I hear you ask? Elon Musk said it could come in an update as soon as August. Not sure if this is global or just the US to start and roll out later in the year and 2020 for the rest of the world. 

One thing I do know is... this is an exciting time for the industry!