Looking at the copy below I wondered if the balance has tipped back towards the candidates in our topsy-turvey world of FMCG Sales and Marketing recruitment.

Candidates not settling for less, poor job descriptions, poor communication and high company turnover being sited as reasons for not wanting to go and work for a company.

But then I thought, as a good, well regarded employee in a business, why on earth would anyone want to work for a new company that wasn't better/offering more (either in money or development opportunity) and make a move to somewhere less good - it doesn't make sense.

There will always be candidates in the market who need a job and they could be more forgiving of some of these things, but even then - why should they be?

Dynamic, interesting, skilled candidates are what everyone wants and yet, some business do not do their best to woo them.  Don't get me wrong, the candidate has to work hard too, but that comes at a 2nd stage interview.  Initially the recruiting line manager/company should be doing everything in their power to engage the candidate.

A recruiter should also always be helping their client. 

Firstly, salaries should be correct so as not to disappoint at a later stage.   

Secondly, Recruiters should demand a good job description from their clients - it shows candidates that their potential future employers care about the recruitment process from the very beginning.

Finally, good feedback and communication throughout a process mean the candidate feels kept up to date and well regarded.

If you want to hire well, do these things well!

Is the candidate King? Not in my eyes as they should be working very hard to be chosen by a business.  But candidates often do not end up at the 'best' job - they find themselves working for the company that was proactive, communicative and cared about the whole process from beginning to end.