So here we are, hurtling through December, with thoughts of Christmas parties and a great break with family and friends.

For those of you looking for new recruits to start in 2017, it may not seem a great time to be interviewing and then 2nd interviewing in December.  There is so much to do and there may be a headache or two after a celebratory late one on a school night!

But it's a great time to meet people!  Diaries can be a bit more flexible, first meetings can be held outside the office and so long is there is an appetite from both the potential employer and employee to commit to a proper process, December can be a great month to make a hire.

By the time you get to January and the New Year malaise has lifted, a typical piece of recruitment will take about 4 weeks and if (like most of the candidates I work with) there is also a 3 month notice to negotiate, your new hire will start midway through May. 

So for those of you with a requirement to hire and the desire to get things done, a December recruitment campaign means you'll get your new recruit in March - not May!