With a changing mentality of shopper attitudes to refined sugar, another thing FMCG businesses need to address is an article from PHE with a recommendation of only allowing their children to eat snacks limited to 100 calories.

With other influences, such as the sugar levy coming into effect, this is adding to the building pressures from the Government to control intake to children, perhaps rightly so...

No wonder.  

Recent data from Kantar shows the average diet of a 5-12 year old child can contain 3X the recommended sugar intake, with over 400 biscuits, 120 cakes, 100 sweets, 70 ice creams and a cocktail of juices and fizzy drinks consumed in a year, it’s no wonder the PHE is looking to change shopper attitudes.

In response to this the PHE have partnered with Change4Life with a new campaign “Look for 100 calorie snacks, two a day max” including a multi-million pound TV campaign targeted at prime time TV for Children.

Brands like Well&Truly, Hippeas, Popchips and Ugly Drinks are just a few that are going to benefit from this news. With a wealth of new, exciting and healthier brands in the market I believe the Shopper has an opportunity to change their buying habits and allow their children to have a more healthy, active balanced lifestyle.

Personally, I can see this is a real opportunity for the Healthy SME and the wealth of interesting, game changing innovation on offer.

The question is… how are the larger businesses going to react with such an aggressive initiative? 

Only time will tell.