So the news hit the headlines this week that the law has been changed and that Learner Drivers will now be able to take driving lessons on the motorway.

Now I drive, but I never had any interest in learning how to drive, especially not on the motorway – and to be honest (I don’t know who else agrees) but I don’t really enjoy driving. I’ve had my driving licence for over 10 years now… and probably still shouldn’t be allowed on the roads, let alone the motorway (only joking of course, I am a capable driver even though my passengers may not think the same). Saying that, I tackled the M25 for the first time EVER a couple of months ago. Proud moment.

Would learning how to drive on the motorway have helped all those years ago? Possibly. ‘Pass Plus’ was offered the moment that the certificate was handed over to me, but I, like most people, wanted to just get in a car & drive by myself once I’d passed - not pay for yet more lessons. The motorway would be something that I’d ultimately tackle in my own time when I was ready.

The article goes on to say that studies show more accidents happen on rural/urban roads each year than motorways, so maybe this change in law will be beneficial in making drivers more aware of the roads & people around them. What do you think?