How’s the mood in your office today after the England Vs Croatia Semi Finals match last night?

I’ll be honest…PIE HQ has definitely been livelier. There’s a mixture of the disappointed faces. The hungover faces. And the ‘Oh well maybe next time’ faces.

So what’s the best way to cheer up those in the office who are feeling down in the dumps or a little worse for wear today?

Scrutinising last nights match minute by minute certainly hasn’t helped and bacon sandwiches have been consumed…but still no smiles.

I’m sure we would have all liked to have stayed in bed this morning feeling sorry for ourselves that ‘It’s NOT Coming Home’ this time around.

Anyway, I came across this article on how to boost morale in the office, some of these tips may work for today:

  • Letting people know they are appreciated
  • Providing employee perks
  • Offering bonuses
  • Changing the atmosphere
  • Having fun!

And if you find that none of these tips put a smile on your colleague's faces, then maybe it's time for a trip to the pub. Hair of the dog anyone?