When did ranking motorway stations ever become a thing?

I’m glad they do though, as we all seem to have our favourite.

Some may like to stop at the Beaconsfield service station on the M40 to have a swift shandy at the Wetherspoons there (seriously though, a pub at a service station), others have ranked Norton Canes on the M6 as No.1 with a 100% satisfaction rating… Well done!

My favourite though, as I know you’re all dying to find out, has to be Liphook service station on the A3. Why you ask. There’re no shops, no screaming kids, no smelly loo’s & no gambling machines. Just a Starbucks, hotel & petrol station. What more do you need. Plus, the staff in Starbucks aren’t the chattiest of people ever (always appreciated) & no bugger ever seems to go there, so no queues! I know who I’ll be voting for next time!

So, where’s your favourite service station?