I don’t know about you, but for the last few weeks it’s been ‘Battle of the Air Con’ here at PIE HQ.

Most of the office is melting even with the air con on. Although I’m that person in the office who’s sat in the corner, huddled up in a blanket shivering (I’ve gone past the moaning stage now – I won’t win against these guys anymore)!

I’m not going to complain though… Because I’ll tell you who I feel sorry for in this weather. That’s right, all you commuters having to tackle the underground in this heat wave, as temperatures have been recorded that it’s getting as hot as 36 degrees… Ouch! I used to work in Central London and even on a warm day, the underground was completely unbearable - I’d end up being one sweaty, delirious mess by the end of my commute.

So how hot is too hot? Unfortunately, as we don’t get these drawn out heatwaves that often (I’ve heard “Ohhh, this takes me back to the summer of 1976” quite a lot), there aren’t actually any universal regulations in place for the UK to say that if it gets to a certain temperature in your office that you can go home. But if you do start to feel funny, or extremely uncomfortable in this heat then just voice your concerns with your manager, as this heatwave is showing no signs of backing down just yet.