Finding a job can be a job in itself at times; one that can be emotional, draining and unrewarding. Making yourself stand out among the sea of CV’s can be the most difficult task, how can a sheet of paper express your quirky personality? But finally, a company wants to see you for interview. You’ve gone through your prep, dry cleaned your best suit and even gone for a slick new haircut… (your nan said you looked “handsome” so you must be on to a winner, right?)

Now you’re in the interview, belly full of butterflies, sweaty palms and that annoying eye twitch you get when you haven’t had enough sleep (as you were up all-night researching “best questions to ask in an interview”). And then… BANG! A film crew comes out of nowhere and you come to the realisation none of it was real. 

Now this would be cruel even if the candidate was already in a job, LET ALONE if the person was unemployed. They’ve most likely spent a lot of time and effort to secure the interview, prepare for the interview, and even possibly spent money on new attire. Then consider the emotional journey of thinking you’re finally going to get started with your career, only for it to be snatched away from you for entertainment purposes. None of this is very funny in my opinion, it’s just outright nasty!

What do you think? Hilarious TV show idea? Or cruel and unnecessary prank?