Sat here on a typical Tuesday afternoon, surrounded by the constant hum of people busying away, I had a realisation… I can’t remember the last time I have felt so happy at work. Yes, it sounds gushy. But being part of a great team really does make such a difference.

Everyone here works their socks off, but in turn, we still manage to fill the day with laughter and we're rewarded for our hard work with incentives such as company wide away days heading in to London for a Great British Bake off style competition and Christmas trip to Amsterdam!

So, what do other people expect from their employers to feel a sense of happiness in the workplace?

Some employers offer a ‘dress down’ day, for those of us who like to dress a little jazzier on a Friday to get us in the mood for the weekend!

Whereas, it has become apparent whilst reading the attached article, that other companies such as Google are going to greater levels, where they specifically hire a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) to boost the morale of the team – from organising staff incentives to helping their team do a good job and similarly making them feel great whilst doing it, which ultimately has shown staff satisfaction rise by 37%.

This goes to show that companies are going to great lengths to ensure that they keep their staff happy.

But personally, I believe that hard work but staying sociable with your colleagues will benefit rewards and create a healthier and happier workplace for everyone.

What more could you ask for really?