Summer is finally here! It's 32 degrees outside and there have already been chinese whispers throughout the office of a visit to the pub to enjoy a cold beverage, each other’s company…and of course the sunshine!

But reading the below article, it appears that more women these days aren’t heading out with their team to socialise after work. In all honesty, I find this bizarre. We’re a small team here, equally split between men and women and it’s not often that a pint after work is turned down by the ladies of the team!

I have worked in some places previously where socialising with your colleagues would be a meal - perhaps once a month, if this could be worked around childcare arrangements. Other places, socialising with your team was just something that wasn’t on the agenda, full stop!

Thankfully, some tips have been provided in this article about how to approach socialising with your colleagues, from not being the party starter every time to not being the party pooper either!

Bonding with your team can be hard during office hours so why turn down the chance to just relax with your colleagues and really enjoy being in each other’s company? Go on, what’s stopping you?