We’ve all been there. It’s Sunday morning. You’ve woken up in a hazy blur, last night a distant boozy memory, where most things only become apparent after looking at your phone at the outrageous #selfies and frantically un-tagging yourself on Facebook from those horrendous drunken photos that at the time you found so hilarious!

But do we ever think of what the repercussions may be from that #nightout when seeking a job?

Looking at the figures, apparently 1 in 10 job seekers between the ages of 16-34 have lost out on a job opportunity purely down to what has been posted on their social media profiles. If a potential employer sees something on your social media profile, intentionally or not, it truly can make that difference as to whether you’d be deemed suitable for their company or not.

I’ve definitely heard some tales of people bad mouthing colleagues on Twitter and being fired for it, as well as others calling in to work sick but then uploading drunken pictures from the night before on Facebook…#clueless!

But thankfully Harper's Bazaar have given us some helpful tips and hints on how to avoid these faux pas and help promote yourself to future employers…time to start un-tagging some pictures!