I wish that I had stumbled across this article many moons ago! I’m sure we’ve all had our own makeup disasters at interviews at some point in our lives.

My last interview, I put my makeup on as normal (maybe a little heavier set just in case the nerves kicked in) and headed off to face the music. My interviewer (who I had known for quite a few years and who I should mention is a ‘hugger’) greeted me (of course) with the usual hug. Stepping back, I noticed half my face had remained on his blazer shoulder… Well that put me off straight away. I couldn’t stop staring at it! All that was going through my mind was…”Should I tell him it’s there?” … “I hope that comes out in the wash!”

Thankfully, I’m assuming the makeup did come out in the wash and it didn’t hinder his decision to offer me a job…which I gladly accepted. On starting the new role, one of my colleagues openly told me that she thought I wore too much makeup for a normal working day and yes…she was right.

But this got me thinking, would wearing too much makeup to an interview hinder an interviewers opinion on your capability of doing the job?

For some of us ladies, we wear makeup as a form of shield. It’s what can give a lot of women confidence and we all need a bit of that for an interview. But some companies may be deterred by this, especially if the role is customer facing. Would the employer want someone with a little too much slap on to represent their company to a prospective new client?

This I’m sure would all boil down to the sort of environment you would be working in but nevertheless, maybe it’s worthwhile having a read through some of the advice for facing future interviews to ensure your potential new employer takes more notice of your charm and charisma, and not your scouse brow!