So the Olympics have now passed us by and we’re half way through the Paralympics. #TeamGB have done us proud once again!

Watching the games and reading the below article has compelled me to take up a sport….can you call an exercise bike a sport?! In all honesty on some work days, my initial thought process is to get home and crack open an ice cold beer; chucking on some spandex and heading down to the gym unfortunately never seems  to cross my mind.

So the study shows that participating in sport can help to develop certain skills that could see you rise through the ranks at your workplace. I may just have to trade in my exercise bike for the real deal and it might be worthwhile renewing that gym membership too whilst I’m feeling inspired! I may not see any clear changes in the workplace straight away, but the feeling of being fitter, more alert and ready for work should, over time, show some results! Apparently.