That’s right. I’m already in holiday mode (and it’s still over a week until I leave the British shores for a little break away)! This, I’m afraid to say, may also be the last time you hear from me once my boss clocks on that I’ll also be swanning off for 10 days in the sun in a few months too!

But I was shocked to discover that a high percentage of people don’t use their holiday entitlement, due to the fact of them being either too busy at work and some workers feel that they may not be in line for a promotion if they go on holiday! Can you believe it?!

Don’t get me wrong, there have been times when I’ve carried a few days over here and there as I’ve just not booked anything to use up my entitlement, or I’ve needed to save some for the following year when I’m planning on a few more excursions. But I would never not take holiday, because I felt guilty to leave the office!

You’ve got one life, live it… and enough holiday entitlement to take a well-deserved break, so use it!

I’ll send you a postcard!