Sat here, looking around at the somewhat glum faces of the team can only mean one thing…it’s cold and raining!

Take me back to last week when we were experiencing temperatures in the high 20’s with wall to wall blue sky, everyone had dusted off their flip flops to bare their pale winter feet, the office was in high spirits and the word ‘PUB’ was brandished around the office most days at around 3.00pm! Now all I can see are snuggly jumpers, scarfs, blankets and miserable faces!

This got me thinking, why does the weather have such an effect on our mood at work?

I came across this article explaining how the weather influences productivity at work. It did make me giggle with the solutions for helping productivity at work on such days:

  • Rainy Days – Give your employees pastries and hot beverages
  • Hot Days – Embrace your childhood spirit and give your employees cold drinks and lollipops
  • Cold Days – Encourage flexible hours (later start/earlier finish) so that your employees can either enjoy the morning sun or last few rays of sunshine!

The weather doesn’t affect the productivity in our office as such on these days as the office is always buzzing, the weather just determines whether the guys here walk through the door with either a smile or a frown on their face! 

But if you’re offering, I’d like a tall skinny latte with an iced cinnamon bun if there’s one going, please!