That’s right, I’ve just got back from 16 days off work!

Unfortunately, not all those 16 days were spent bathing in the glorious Algarve sunshine, sipping cocktails and reversing all the hard work of dieting to over indulge in ice-cream & everything utterly delicious. Okay, enough bragging!

But don’t worry, reality hit me square in the face when that alarm went off this morning.

Bleary eyed & bronzer’ed up, it was time to make it to the office. Tell you what though, it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be.

Having read Adam’s blog below, it does go to show that planning ahead before your holiday really does play a big part in guaranteeing your workload won’t keep you at your desk after hours to catch up.

It’s also got to be said, that having an amazing Team who pick up on your little jobs throughout your break to keep things ticking along, are your lifeline & really do help keep you afloat of your workload.

Thanks guys!

Right, time to start planning next year’s getaway...