Hello again January. You’ve come around quickly with your dryness (of which I only managed a measly 4 days), coldness (when is summer actually going to arrive?) and of course, your January Blues.

When getting back into the swing of things at work I stumbled across this article. Who doesn’t love a survey and especially a survey on salaries! I believe there’s always such a big interest when it comes to salaries and how much people are earning. Come on, don’t tell me you’ve never wondered what your mate was taking home!

It was delightful to see that the FMCG and Automotive sectors both feature in the best-paid industries for marketers. And funnily enough, that’s what PIE Recruitment specialise in…

So if you’re looking for your next marketing or sales venture, why don’t you get in contact with our specialist recruitment team today?

The time is now!