I'm sure you've all heard that the ‘Beast from the East’ is on its way. It’s all over the news / twitter / social media platforms.

It’s not even here yet & train services are already pre-empting cancellations over the next few days and we’re being advised to get home by 6 pm tonight so we miss the worst of it.

Pictures from the below article show poor commuters ‘battling’ through the storm...when you hear this, you picture people trawling through 5 feet of snow & blizzards to get to work… but in reality, we’re only talking about a few snowflakes here!

Now this advice isn’t falling on deaf ears, these professionals know what they’re talking about. But the week has hardly begun, and we’re already worrying about getting into work, some of my colleagues have children, so school closures will no doubt happen, resulting in having to take additional time off work. This isn’t an excuse to go & get the sledge out, as work can’t just come to a halt…especially not in recruitment.

We don’t get snow that often, but why do we struggle so much when we do?