I used to think that I was down with the kids and all their slang. But I’m getting older and starting to lose my connection.

Back in the day, you used to see LOL, ROFL and YOLO brandished around a lot. But I was younger and knew exactly what they meant - I felt cool dropping them sporadically in to a text message to appear somewhat hip! Now - I just haven’t got the patience to urban dictionary every abbreviation I see.

But this one caught my eye - 'FOMO' or for those of you also in the dark about this one means ‘Fear Of Missing Out.’

Now I’ll happily be the first to put my hand up & admit that I’ve suffered with FOMO. Especially when you’re browsing through your social media feeds to find pictures of your friends partying hard on the other side of the world, or another out living it large at an ‘out of this world’ pool party - whilst you’re sat at home in your flat eating low calorie ice cream straight out of the tub watching another Docuseries on Netflix wondering why your life never led you that way.

The sad thing is, the fear of missing out has also moved in to peoples work lives too. People are feeling pressured to attend every networking event & client meeting possible for fear of not getting that promotion or seeing a colleague excel because they didn’t miss out.

Working in recruitment, we work on countless amounts of impressive jobs – the perfect opportunity to suffer with a bit of FOMO…but I never have in this case.

My thoughts – you’ve just got to be happy with what you do and focus on your job and not what everyone else is doing around you. The more you focus on your career & excelling at what you’re doing & are good at, you should reap the benefits. And if you're not happy, then that could mean it might just be time for a change. Have you given us a call yet?!